Canoe and kayaks tips

This two are totally different things, and for you to understand better, you should know the difference, and in this case, a canoe is an open vessel whereby a person can either sit or kneel inside using a single-bladed paddle to push the craft through the water while a kayak is an open vessel, unlike the canoe, in a kayak a person sits with legs extended and uses a paddle that is double-bladed.

When canoeing or kayaking, there are a few tips that you should know, for instance, what you need to take with you ( The items you should include; drinkable water, first aid kit, dry clothes in a waterproof bag, mobile phone in a waterproof container, and a small pack of energy drinks.

Know how to use the first aid kit

Before camping and kayaking, you should have an idea of how to use the first aid kit because accidents cannot be foretold. Don’t assume this because it is very important ( If you have been having an idea of doing this, it is advisable that you take a first aid course.

Learn how to paddle

This is another important factor; you can’t just sit there and wait for a canoe or a kayak to move by itself ( You need to know how to peddle and not just to peddle; it should be perfect. Remember that you are going to do it in an ocean or a lake, and your life matters, failing to know that means that you can sink at any time.

Wear a helmet and a flotation device

These are very important tools that you should always have when kayaking or canoeing. You never know what happens when you are there, in case of anything; you are safe when having them on, especially if you are not good at swimming.

Check the condition of your equipment.

You should check whether your equipment is in good condition, you don’t want to sink in the middle of the lake, and that is why this is very necessary.

Canoe and kayaks tips