Reasons for Canoeing and Kayaking

In ancient times, canoes and kayaks were used for transporting goods, humans, and fishing purposes in inland waters, rivers, and coastal waters of the oceans. People best considered them because of their lightness and easy construction because of the availability of materials such as logs, animal skins, and tree barks.

Canoeing and kayaking probably developed as an impromptu race between individuals returning from hunting, fishing, and from war. It began as non-competitive sports and recreations and for the majority of canoeists and kayaks remained such, involving in paddling on local streams and lakes and sometimes paddling waters of the earlier missionaries, explorers, and voyageurs. As an organized sport and recreation, canoeing and kayaking began in the 19th century in the local and national competition in Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and North America. The sport progressed well in Europe later in the 20th century. This was evident in the Olympic Games in 1936 and 1948, most Olympic winner in canoeing and kayaking were from Europe.

Many people seek new and exciting ways to be happy and more active in health, fitness, and finding a new family activity to enjoy together. Canoeing and kayaking provide and an excellent low impact activity that will help in;

Aerobic Fitness; Paddling at a steady pace helps you breathe faster and will your heart pump harder but at a steady pace.

Mental Health; Outdoor activities reduce stress, improves moods and quality of sleep. Having an opportunity to watch sunset or rise in a canoe or kayak will you a chance to attest to the most excellent feeling of relaxation and energizing experience.

athletes have a workout on the canoe on the Tiber River in Rome

Emotional benefit; Canoeing and kayaking provide a peaceful and meditative environment. It gives a close look at the natural habitat of birds and animals through traversing small streams where these habitats are found. Individuals can combine with other activities like fishing, which will provide mental health. Kayaking and canoeing give an event for both parents and children bringing them closer and provide some educational benefit for the children.

In conclusion, canoeing and kayaking need some preparations before heading out for canoe or kayak. It is recommended to have protective personal gears such as floatation devices, helmets, and wetsuit. With this preparation, you will have a great experience of canoeing and kayaking that will leave memorable moments in your life. Try it today.

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